Webinar – Audit Update


This webinar is about the latest position regarding the audit ethical rules for auditors, including the PASE, which are published by the IAASA and the professional accountancy bodies. The webinar also examines the main pitfalls to avoid in SME audit files and what exactly constitutes sufficient, appropriate audit evidence.

There is the usual self-assessment quiz at the end, with answers supplied separately.

The webinar online video is 2 hours 30 minutes in length, broken into 2 parts. Once you have purchased this webinar you will receive instructions to view the online webinar, the password to open the page, videos and associated files, via email.

The contents of this presentation examine the:

  • IAASA Audit and Ethical Standards April 2017;
  • Planning and independence;
  • Fraud;
  • Materiality;
  • Analytical review and sampling;
  • Fixed assets, Debtors, Stock, Bank and Creditors;
  • Financial statements review;
  • Law and regulations;
  • Liabilities. PBSE, Going Concern;
  • Audit report;
  • The ‘Bannerman’ paragraph;
  • Issues on PSD visits;
  • International Education Standard 8 (IES 8) and
  • The Quiz