Webinar – Ethics for Accounting and Audit


This webinar examines the current ethical rules for non-audit and audit assignments, looking closely at the five fundamental principles that govern all ethical behaviour for accountants and uses six case study examples to illustrate current ethical problem areas for auditors under the Auditors’ Ethical Standard (Ireland) (April 2017) edition. There is the usual self-assessment quiz at the end, with answers supplied separately.

The webinar online video is 1 hours 2 minutes in length, broken into 2 parts. Once you have purchased this webinar you will receive instructions to view the online webinar, the password to open the page, videos and associated files, via email.

The contents of this presentation examine the:

  • Brief introduction to ethics
  • Five Fundamental Principles
  • Conceptual Framework for decision making
  • Case studies for non-audit situations
  • Questions
  • Auditors’ Ethical Standard (Ireland)
  • Case studies
  • Quiz