Webinar – Preparing MUD Act Company Accounts and Audit


This webinar is about preparing the financial statements for a Multi-Unit Development Company under the 2011 legislation of the same name, the Multi-Unit Developments Act, 2011 and carrying out the audit of same. These types of company, also known as Owners Management Companies or OMCs, seem to present more problems than one would expect on audit monitoring visits. There are some key things to be aware of.

There is the usual self-assessment quiz at the end, with answers supplied separately.

The webinar online video is 28 minutes in length. Once you have purchased this webinar you will receive instructions to view the online webinar, the password to open the page, videos and associated files, via email.

The contents of this webinar are as follows:

  • MUD Act, 2011 main provisions;
  • Features of Owners Management Companies (OMCs);
  • MUD Act client issues;
  • Estate documentation;
  • Recoverability of debtors;
  • Annual Report disclosure requirements under the MUD Act;
  • Sinking Fund;
  • Emphasis of matter note to the financial statements;
  • Useful links; and
  • Quiz