Webinar – Solicitors Accounts Regulations 2014 – the Accountant’s Report


This webinar is about the planning, execution and conclusion of the reporting accountant’s work involved in the preparation of the Accountant’s Report to the Law Society under the Solicitors Accounts Regulations 2014, which became effective from 1 December 2016. There is the usual self-assessment quiz at the end, with answers supplied separately.

The webinar online video is 1 hour and 30 minutes in length and broken into 2 parts. Once you have purchased this webinar you will receive instructions to view the online webinar, the password to open the page, videos and associated files, via email.

The contents of this presentation examine the issue from the following angles:

  • Planning, executing and completing the assignment;
  • Structuring the letter of engagement;
  • Choosing sample sizes;
  • Key definitions and deadlines under the Regulations;
  • How to manage mixed monies;
  • The rules for transferring money in/out of accounts;
  • The requirements for controlled and non-controlled trusts;
  • Common mistakes and breaches and how best to avoid them;
  • The letter of representation;
  • AML issues in law firms;
  • The Quiz.