Anti Money Laundering Compliance Review and Training

This service helps accountants have confidence in their anti-money laundering (AML) procedures and training.

The typical review will include examination and advice on:

  • The contents of the firm’s AML manual
  • The terms of the firm’s engagement letters to ensure they comply with the latest AML legislation
  • The follow up to previous AML review action points
  • The AML procedures and practices within the firm
  • The knowledge of the MLRO/staff/partners in the firm as to how well they understand their respective responsibilities
  • A sample of AML documentation for clients which will be reviewed to ensure it complies with the requirements of the law
  • The AML training that has been given and that its contents comply with the law. Fully compliant AML training, tailored to the firm’s needs, can also be provided as part of the review process. 

We also cater for firms/businesses that want to book the training session in the anti-money laundering legislation and/or the UK Bribery Act, 2010, without doing the AML review.