COVID-19 Disclosure Resources

COVID-19 Disclosure Resources

In May 2020, the EU Commission predicted that Irish GDP will contract by 7.9% in 2020, as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The good news is that it has predicted a bounce back of 6.1% in 2021.

In this climate, the provision of accurate financial information will be critical in getting Ireland back to health. Where can we find good, up to the minute guidance on this topic?

The hidden jewel in the crown of the Financial Reporting Council, the Financial Reporting Lab, has, once again, justified this title. On 15 June 2020, the Lab published two documents that give clear incisive guidance, with real life examples, dealing with:

  • ‘Resources, actions and the future’ – practical advice to companies setting out the disclosures investors expect to see from companies during this time of uncertainty
  • ‘Going concern, risk and viability’ – which gives guidance on going concern, risk and viability disclosures.

This week we focus on the Resources, actions and the future document that helps Directors and others with how to address three key topics in their annual reports:

  1. Resources – including the availability of cash.
  2. Actions – to manage short-term expenditure and ensure viability.
  3. The future – how the decisions taken now ensure the sustainability of the company and impact customers, suppliers and employees.

Covid-19 disclosures

If you would like to more examples of recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) disclosures in financial statements, see our recently published survey of 22 public company financial statements which highlight Coronavirus (COVID-19) disclosures.
The types of disclosures addressed in our report include topics such as:

  • Emphasis of Matter
  • Key Audit Matters in Audit Reports
  • Going Concern/Viability
  • Post Balance Sheet Events/Subsequent Events

This thirty-page report, is available on our website, and includes extracts from the types of disclosures that are prevalent at the moment. All this research, saving you time, is available to purchase for just €125+VAT, for immediate download.

For more on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) disclosures, please see our published report on our website here.

In our Publications Store, you will also find many complementary letters of representation templates that deal with the Coronavirus (COVID-19).