The February 2023 edition of CA Magazine, identifies various types of accountants who may be at risk of becoming entrapped in financial crime. Here we have (adapted from that article) a list of four of the characteristics of those accountants:

  1. The overworked sole practitioner—Sole practitioners are under more pressure to get things done by themselves, which presents challenges for compliance.

2. The accountant with the “tick box” attitude—These accountants view compliance merely as a tick-box exercise; however, the compliance process must be in-depth and have proper risk assessments. The                    “tick box” attitude can also happen to accountants who have clients they know well or clients they’ve had for many years, and do not keep up with the required due diligence

3. The accountant who doesn’t probe hard enough when unearthing something suspicious—Some accountants may not want to investigate further when they see something which might be an issue.                        Accountants generally need to exercise more robust professional scepticism.

4. The small practice approached by a big-shot overseas client—Overseas clients often deliberately target small practices and offer them higher fees (and even offer to pay up front), often hooking accountants who then find it difficult to disentangle themselves with their AML systems already compromised.

Awareness of these characteristics can help accountants be on guard against falling into economic crime.

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