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Derby County Football Club Accounts

Continuing our soccer theme from last week, we look at a similar story about the topic of how intangible assets (football players) are treated. Derby County Football Club (DCFC) entered Administration in September 2021 and suffered a points deduction at the hands of the English Football League (EFL), as a result. The club is managed… Read More

Messi should appear on balance sheet for the first time!

Who says accountancy is boring? I am no PSG or Barcelona fan, but you must admit, that even at age 34, Messi is probably one of the best players in the world today. My pub quiz question for you – is a football player like Messi an accounting asset or not? The accounting profession has… Read More

Six Key Habits of Good Audit Firms

Executing a good audit is never easy as most auditors and their clients are under severe time and budgetary pressure. Covid has contributed to these pressures. If you would like to know how to do better and more efficient audits have a look at our summary of this recent report. The UK Financial Reporting Council… Read More


Recent blogs have dealt with some of the changes to the Ethical Standard for Auditors and to ISQC1 some important changes have occurred. We wrote on: 2 November 2021 Do you know your RITP from your IES 8? about the measure of independence of the audit team and the ongoing CPD requirements for Audit Engagement… Read More

The Auditor as Referee

As we mentioned in last week’s blog, we are writing a series of blogs on the recent changes to the Ethical Standard for Auditors that have been become effective since 15 July 2021 and some changes to the ISQC1 ‘Quality Control for Firms that Perform Audits and Reviews of Financial Statements, and other Assurance and… Read More

Do you know your RITP from your IES 8?

Recent changes to the Ethical Standard for Auditors in Ireland mean that there is much less chance of auditing being a dull profession! The changes are the first to arise since the previous standard was issued in April 2017 and, following representations from the professional bodies, were postponed by over a year to allow for… Read More

Investment Property under FRS 105

What’s the difference in treatment of investment property between FRS 105 and FRS 102? Too many accountants rely on the computer software to produce the correct result, which can go badly wrong.  You can’t beat reading the standards themselves. In this case, the March 2018 version (as amended) of FRS 105 and more particularly Section… Read More

Is your AML Firm-Wide Risk Assessment up to Date?

As far as accountancy firms go, there is a requirement for each firm to prepare an anti-money laundering (AML) written risk assessment (known as the firm-wide or business risk assessment) examining the business/practice in five key areas (more on this below). The legislation that brought this into place is section 30A of the Criminal Justice… Read More

FRC Rent Concession May Impact Financial Reporting

In response to the continuing impact of Covid 19 the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has extended the accounting requirements for special conditions for reporting rent and lease concessions/reductions under FRS 102 and 105 well into next year. The change will enable businesses to present a clearer picture of their performance in year-end accounts. Many entities… Read More

How Tesla Prevents Corruption

Recently while researching material for one of my anti-money laundering (AML) training courses, I came across the 5 page anti-corruption policy of Tesla, the electric car company. It states in bold print…. ‘Boiled down to its essence, our policy is: Don’t offer any bribe to anybody, anytime, for any reason.’ Tesla’s brief and to the… Read More