As many are already aware, access to the RBO Register has recently been shut down, following an EU Court of Justice ruling.

Access to the Register of Beneficial ownership registry is only now being reopened to registered designated persons, which includes accountants in practice.

In order to gain access to the Register from now on, Designated Persons will need to appoint an authorised administrator register themselves, using a Form BEN3A1 Designated Persons Administration Declaration form (fillable online).

We suggest readers monitor the home page of the RBO for more information which will appear there as soon as it becomes available.

Meanwhile, for those of you still in the process of ISQM 1 implementation, please see our new ISQM TOOLKIT or if you prefer to chat through the different audit risks and potential appropriate responses presented by this new standard, please call or e-mail John McCarthy FCA or e-mail him at

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