Charities Regulator Report

The number of charities registered in Ireland passed the 10,000 mark in 2019 (the actual number was 10,514), according to the Charities Regulator which published its annual report in July 2020.

The Register of Charities

The 10,514 charities on the public Register of Charities at the end of 2019 is an increase of 715 (7%) on 2018. There were 67,129 charity trustees on the Register of Charities at 31 December 2019, up 10% on the previous year. Charity trustees include committee members and company directors who ultimately exercise control and have legal responsibility for running charities.

Points of note from the 2019 Annual Report are:

The most common charitable purposes of registered charities in 2019 were:

  • Benefit to the community 54%,
  • Advancement of education 30%
  • Relief of poverty/economic hardship 9%
  • Religion 7%

Breakdown of charities

  • Incorporated companies 44%
  • Unincorporated entities:
  • Associations 15%
  • Boards of Management (Schools/other) 27%
  • Other 8%
  • Charitable Trusts 6%


The full list of the Irish registered Charities can be accessed here on the Register of Charities:

The 2019 Charities Regulator Annual Report can be found here

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