Data protection is always a live issue for accountants and their staff. Here are some more tips and ideas on making the data of clients, employees and others more secure in advance of 25 May.

Disclosing client information over the telephone

Do your staff know:

  • To be aware that there are people who will try and trick them to give out personal information over the phone?
  • That to prevent these disclosures, they should carry out identity checks, before giving out personal information to someone making an incoming call?
  • To perform similar checks when making outgoing calls?
  • About limiting the amount of personal information given out over the telephone and to follow up with written confirmation if necessary?

For more practical hints and tips on data protection and to get you started on your preparations for 25 May, please come to one of our series of courses on the ‘General Data Protection Regulation – What Accountants Need to Know’ at the Talbot Hotel, Stillorgan, County Dublin on one of the following dates:

Wednesday 21 March 2018 10am to 1pm

Wednesday 18 April 2018 2pm to 5pm

Wednesday 30 May 10am to 1pm

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