Coronavirus (COVID-19) disclosures in published financial statements

In our published survey of 22 public company financial statements we highlight several useful examples of disclosure that company directors, auditors, accountants and financial controllers will find of relevance, in the midst of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
This thirty-page report, just published on our website, is available to purchase for €125+VAT, for immediate download.

The various disclosures in the report cover topics such as:

• Emphasis of Matter
• Key Audit Matters in Audit Reports
• Going Concern/Viability
• Post Balance Sheet Events/Subsequent Events

The company with the Emphasis of Matter audit report was Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust plc (a company that invests in alternative investment instruments) with a 31 January 2020 year end. Its financial statements were signed off by the auditors on 9 April 2020. Note 18 to the accounts states that since the period end up to 7 April 2020, the company’s net assets fell by 6.8%.

For more on this topic please see our published report on our website