FRC Staff Factsheets on FRS 102

Suite of seven staff factsheets issued in December 2018

The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has issued a suite of seven staff factsheets in December 2018 on aspects of FRS 102, including the 2017 triennial review.

These become effective from 1 January 2019, with early adoption allowed under certain conditions. They are available here:

Fact Sheet 1 – FRS 102: Triennial Review 2017 Amendments (PDF)

This factsheet consists of two parts: the first part outlines the five principal amendments that have been made while the second part outlines notable amendments by section. FRS 102 .

Fact Sheet 2 – FRS 102: Triennial Review 2017 Transition (PDF) – outlines the most notable amendments by section.

There are five other Factsheets which are fully updated for the recent changes as follows:

Fact Sheet 3 – FRS 102: Illustrative Statement of Cash Flows (PDF)
Fact Sheet 4 – FRS 102: Financial Instruments (PDF)
Fact Sheet 5 – FRS 102: Property: Fair Value Measurement (PDF)
Fact Sheet 6 – FRS 102: Business Combinations (PDF)
Fact Sheet 7 – FRS 102: Transition to FRS 102 

For more on the latest FRS 102 developments please see our webinar, ‘FRS 102 The New Regime from 1 January 2019’, here.

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