Accounting for Deferred Tax

Accounting for Deferred Tax

FRS 102.29 permits entities to discount the cash flow impact of deferred taxation as the liability to pay may not arise for many years into the future. True or False?

Well the answer is ‘False’. The amortisation of deferred tax is not permitted under FRS 102 (‘an entity shall not discount current or deferred tax assets and liabilities’ FRS 102.29.17).

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The online webinar deals with the following areas of deferred tax (DT) accounting:

  • The basic requirements of FRS 102.19 – the five main areas where DT provisions arise;
  • Revaluations and how they trigger DT provisions;
  • Share-based payments that cause DT provisions;
  • Groups;
  • Undistributed profits;
  • Defined benefit schemes;
  • Deferred Tax Assets;
  • Disclosures;

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