AML Risks Increasing

AML Risks Increasing

The risks of money laundering occurring are changing all the time. At a recent ACCA Ireland Conference one of the talks was on AML and it was highlighted that while over 47,000 Suspicious Transaction Reports (STRs) were filed in Ireland in 2022, only nine were filed by accountants and only one by an auditor. Only 492 accountants and 51 auditors are registered on GoAML which is the online reporting portal for reporting suspicions of money laundering and terrorist financing. More accountants and auditors are strongly encouraged to sign up.

Some of the more recent economic crime trends that accountants need to watch out for include:

Trafficking in human beings

  • Significant cash lodgements from different parts of the country;
  • Significant mobile phone top-ups and property rental payments;
  • Lower-than-expected employee labour costs;

Investment fraud

  • Little or no separation of client and business funds;
  • Investment returns that are too-good-to-be-true;
  • Small payments back to clients (5%-10%) within a few weeks of the investment
  • Trade-based money laundering -including (but not limited to) charging ridiculously high prices to customers;
  • Funds being ‘pooled’ in business accounts and transferred to accounts abroad to purchase goods that are then shipped to their final destination;

Emerging challenges

  • Cryptocurrency and blockchain: it is important to understand what product in this area your client is providing;
  • Virtual IBANs: If you see someone providing these, there is a risk of abuse for fraud and money laundering.

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