Money laundering exposed by undercover journalists

Money laundering exposed by undercover journalists

Journalists at the London Times are to be congratulated for today, 4 December 2019, exposing a web of alleged money laundering centred on a company formations business based in London.

Of course, the story was originally covered by Guardian journalist Oliver Bullough in 2016 and in his 2018 book ‘Moneyland’.

The Times reported: ‘Leaked documents show links to businesses set up by Formations House, a London-based company at no. 29 Harley Street, that establishes and helps to manage companies, and scams involving more than £300 million.’

‘These include vintage wine frauds, fake stock market tipsters, dodgy gold and diamond traders, overpriced land investment schemes and a Hollywood heist carried out by a bogus aristocrat.’

One of its off-the-shelf companies dates back to 2002 and is for sale for £75,000 while a more recently incorporated company in June 2018 sells for £99.

The message for accountants is to make sure that your AML take-on procedures are thorough. The best place to stop a money launderer from becoming one of your clients is at the beginning of the business relationship.

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