Charities Regulator Report by the Numbers

As we saw in last weeks’ blog there is a wide variety of charity on the Register of Charities in Ireland.

This week we look at the percentage of charities by income and numbers of employees.

Charities by Income

52% of charities had annual income of more than €100,000, 32% had annual income of between €10,000 and €100,000 while there was a sizeable 16% of charities with income per annum of less than €10,000.

Within the 2,165 charities reporting an annual income of over €250,000 in 2019, 875 (40%) had income in excess of €1 million.

Charities by Employee Numbers

43% of charities had no employees. 42% reported having between 1-19 employees, 8% had between 20-49, 5% had 50-249, while 2% had between 250-499.

The 2019 Charities Regulator Annual Report can be found here.

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