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Auditing Implications of the War in Ukraine – Part 1

Auditors in Ireland would be forgiven for thinking that, apart from rising fuel costs, the war in Ukraine is far away and has few audit implications. This blog is attempting to highlight the requirement in recent changes to the audit standards for auditors to ‘stand back’, frequently mentioned by the Financial Reporting Council in recent… Read More

Offshore Bank Accounts

Here we look at a potential money laundering scenario that can arise in practice. You have been filing income tax returns for your client for many years. Just last week your client has volunteered a confession that she has been keeping money offshore in a Panamanian bank account, the existence of which has never been… Read More

Is your AML Firm-Wide Risk Assessment up to Date?

As far as accountancy firms go, there is a requirement for each firm to prepare an anti-money laundering (AML) written risk assessment (known as the firm-wide or business risk assessment) examining the business/practice in five key areas (more on this below). The legislation that brought this into place is section 30A of the Criminal Justice… Read More

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More than a decade on: why is AML still an issue?

It would seem fair to assume that after eleven years the profession has got to grips with the anti-money laundering (AML) regulations. However they remain one of the key problem areas encountered on regulatory inspections. Perhaps the obvious reason for failing to focus on AML procedures is that firms can’t raise a fee note for… Read More