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Filing Exemption Disappears for Certain Unlimited Companies

A significant legislative change made five years ago will only impact affected companies this year. The amendment made by the Companies (Accounting) Act 2017 amended section 1274 dealing with unlimited companies (known as a ULCs). ‘Designated ULCs’ lose accounts filing exemption Among other changes, certain types of ULC (known as ‘designated ULCs’) are required to… Read More

Proposals to Change the Law for Co-Operatives

There is currently no specific modern legislation dealing with co-operatives in Ireland. The Industrial and Provident Societies (IPS) Acts 1893-2021 come from another century and do not mirror up to date company law principles. Currently there are 960 Industrial and Provident Societies registered, comprised mainly of various agricultural co-operatives, group water schemes and housing co-operatives.… Read More

Investment Property under FRS 105

What’s the difference in treatment of investment property between FRS 105 and FRS 102? Too many accountants rely on the computer software to produce the correct result, which can go badly wrong.  You can’t beat reading the standards themselves. In this case, the March 2018 version (as amended) of FRS 105 and more particularly Section… Read More

Are Your Engagement Letters Up To Date?

Are your engagement letters up to date? Once upon a time it was possible to have the same client engagement letter in place for several years, without too much upset. However, the pace of change in the various pieces of overlapping legislation (much of it of a whistleblowing nature) that impact on engagement letters, seems… Read More