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New AML Manual Published

Readers of our regular blog will be delighted to hear that our new Anti-Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing Policies Controls & Procedures Manual is just published and available here on our website for immediate download. This is the first available 2021 AML Manual for Accountants on the Irish market. The Manual follows the enactment of the… Read More

New AML Law Extends List of Red Flag Transactions

In our last blog, we mentioned the enactment of the latest AML legislation in Ireland which is the ‘Criminal Justice (Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing) (Amendment) Act, 2021’. In the coming weeks we are going to take a look at the various provisions of the new legislation. Among the provisions of the new Act is… Read More

AML Legislation – The Latest

Are your engagement letters up to date? Probably not! No sooner had we given our letters of engagement on the website a refresh for Spring 2021, than the Government passed into law the latest anti-money laundering legislation. The Criminal Justice (Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing) (Amendment) Act 2021 which is number 3 of 2021 was… Read More

UK Companies slow to disclose ultimate ownership details

In spite of efforts to make UK registered companies disclose their ownership through the people with significant control (PSC) register, thousands of companies don’t comply with the rules brought in to counter fraud and money laundering. According to a 2018 Freedom of Information request to Companies House by Fortytwo Data (now Napier), over 57,000 UK… Read More

First National AML Risk Assessment of Ireland

Anti-Money Laundering National Risk Assessment

‘The specialist nature of the knowledge and services provided by the accountancy service providers makes them vulnerable to being sought out and exploited by those who seek to launder the proceeds of crime or evade tax. It is recognised in international risk-based guidance that accountancy service providers may be sought to assist in the structure… Read More