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Planning for Remote Audits in Covid-19 Times

Come 31 December 2020, many external auditors will be planning for the audit busy season and the issue of remote stocktakes (more on this in a future blog) and carrying out remote audits. 31 December is the most common company year end in Ireland. Because the pandemic struck after 31 December 2019, the Coronavirus (Covid-19)… Read More

Engagement Letter Checklist

Our blog two weeks ago highlighted the main pieces of legislation that go into an audit letter of engagement, while last week we looked at the fundamentals of tax engagement letters. This week we show you a checklist that covers worthwhile clauses for all types of letters of engagement: Exclusion clause. Because tax services can… Read More

Tax Engagement Letter Fundamentals

Tax engagement letter fundamentals Here we outline the fundamentals of good tax engagement letter content and suggest provisions that will help minimize legal liability faced by accountants in practice. The advice here will work for most other types of engagement letter also. Tightening the language used in letters of engagement will help limit your professional… Read More

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Engagement letter fundamentals – an important line of defence

Welcome to another of our regular blogs on topical issues for accountants in practice. Our last blog https://jmcc.ie/d7/node dealt with engagement letters in general and focused on audit and audit exempt engagement letters. This blog targets tax engagement letters specifically.   Engagement letter fundamentals – an important line of defence Tightening the language used in… Read More